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Opportunity Actions: Red Box Play Report (Thurgenar’s Take)

Friday, 15 October, 2010

After much anticipation, I got a chance to play in a Red Box scenario engineered by our own DM Samuel, the payoff to RPG Musings’ Red Box Haiku contest. I was one who volunteered to play and be recorded for an actual play podcast of the event. (I’ll post a link when it becomes available.) […]

Opportunity Actions: RPGKids Review

Monday, 4 October, 2010

Today, I’m reviewing RPGKids by Enrique Bertran, aka the NewbieDM (see the title if you didn’t already know that). It is a role-playing game geared at ages 4-7. Initial Impressions As of this point, I have not yet read it. I want to put out my expectations before diving in. I have a three and […]

Malevolent Mines – A Spontaneous, Con-Style Delve

Saturday, 19 June, 2010

I ran a spontaneous online game last night via skype, inviting players I did not previously know for a 3-4 hour session. I planned to run a short delve using the maps from the Dungeon Delve book but with a different storyline.  Because none of us knew each other before the game began, I am […]

Paragon Tier Game Session 01

Saturday, 29 May, 2010

My regular group started a new 4e game tonight. We decided to go with the Paragon Tier since we haven’t really done a lot in that level range before (most of our adventures have been in the Heroic Tier). – I started the session with a cooperative party building exercise. I describe my method in […]