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The Case For Maps And Minis

Monday, 17 September, 2012

I’m not sure when the serious backlash against using maps and miniatures in your game began. I suspect that it found root first when 3rd Edition D&D made tactical, grid-based combat into the norm rather than the exception, then the dislike of maps and minis blossomed into full flower with 4th Edition D&D where it […]

Opportunity Actions: DIY Templates 3 – Burning Hands

Thursday, 11 November, 2010

Last time, I made a template for the Wizard spell Thunderwave. This time, with some extra work, we’ll go through the process of making a template for Burning Hands.

Opportunity Actions: DIY Templates 3 – Thunderwave

Tuesday, 7 September, 2010

Here’s how to make your own template for Thunderwave. Step 1: Setting Up First thing you need is a shape to work with. I made one using Illustrator, but you can either draw on your paint swatch with a pencil, or print your own copies (you’ll need 2, blown up to 3×3) of mine, pictured […]

Opportunity Actions: DIY Templates 2 – The Hardware Store

Friday, 3 September, 2010

Last time, I told you that you could get good gaming templates absolutely free with help from the hardware store. I will show you how to make 2 of them, one for Thunderwave (with the option for Expand Spell)and one for Burning Hands (also with Expand Spell option). 

Opportunity Actions: DIY Templates

Thursday, 5 August, 2010

Has this ever happened to you? Your wizard is about to throw a fireball, and you want to mark the range, but all you have are 4 d6s. Now, this may be all well and good for determining range, who is targeted, whatever, but what if it’s an effect that you can sustain? What if […]

Opportunity Actions: Tarrasque Workshop #1 – How Big is the Tarrasque?

Thursday, 8 July, 2010

  So, this came up on Twitter: with the release of the Orcus miniature, and Monster Manual 3’s Allabar, Opener of the Way, what is the actual size of the Tarrasque? Seems like a simple question, but the answer, as always, is so much more.  Frighteningly enough, I think this discussion is leading me to […]

Thrifty RPG Supplies Part I: Tokens and Terrain

Friday, 27 November, 2009

Hello to all of you gamers out there in RPG-land.  I apologize for the long delay in posting here.  I’ve been dealing with some recent personal tragedy and haven’t been able to spend as much time as I would like writing and gaming.  But… since I dislike posts that apologize for not posting, let’s get […]