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Mini-Review: Take On Magic Items

Saturday, 20 October, 2012

Take On Magic Items is a  collection of things for Dungeon World created by Jeremy Friesen of takeonrules.com. It’s $2.50 for a 10 page PDF, though 4 pages are things like the title page and reference URLs for the images used. So ultimately it’s a 6 page PDF with 24 unique items. So, is it […]

The Die of Fate, or, Character and Campaign Defining Items

Monday, 9 August, 2010

I wasn’t the best DM when I first started in the 4e world. Part of it was our setup, 5 friends in Syracuse, NY with a laptop hooked to someone’s big screen TV, me in Pittsburgh, PA in my computer room, Gametable or MapTools providing the game table and a Teamspeak server providing voice.  I […]

Semi-Cursed Magic Items

Wednesday, 7 July, 2010

Although cursed items in 4e are still around, they seem to have lost their game-ruining panache. I think fun and heroism are a great part of the 4e philosophy, however I’d like to see cursed items make their way back to the table. An easy way to inroduce cursed items without punishing your plaers is […]