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The Three Sages – Prepping and Providing Information to the PCs

Tuesday, 28 July, 2015

What can the Sage tell you? At the table, seeking out information can be simple or complex. Do you let the players make a skill roll and then just give them the information? Sometimes that is the most expedient way to move the game along and, especially if you are running a one-shot adventure, is […]

What Happens After Wizard School?

Monday, 20 July, 2015

I am running a game of Castles & Crusades in my Eleven Pillars setting and needed to flesh out the perception of mages/wizards among the populace – this post is the beginning of that effort. How does one become a recognized and respected caster? In this setting there are only two recognized wizard academies, but […]

Magic Items with Character

Saturday, 28 June, 2014

I’ve been doing a lot of prep for my D&D games lately and I have also been spending a bit of time over on the Troll Lord Games forums, talking about Castles & Crusades. One of the conversations revolved around magic items, so I have been thinking about magic items a great deal for the […]

Eleven Pillars Setting Guide

Sunday, 2 February, 2014

I have been slowing expanding the setting information for The Eleven Pillars as my two RPG groups play through certain areas. One group is playing Basic D&D and have their campaign centered around the Viridian Pillar. The other group is playing D&D Next (the July 2013 packet) and has their campaign centered around the Cinereal […]

The Journal of Belsige

Thursday, 22 August, 2013

In the July 2013 issue of Footprints, the free e-zine published by Dragonsfoot.org, Andrew Hamilton wrote a nice article describing the idea of a ranger’s journal with various types of information about a particular area (name of article: Field Notes from Davendowns). He gives a nice overview of what sort of information could be found […]

Deities of the New Religion (World Building the Eleven Pillars part VI)

Tuesday, 20 August, 2013

After my last, slightly controversial, post it’s time to get back to a fun post! My Basic D&D campaign is starting on August 31st and I am still deep in preparation for that game. I’m working on my guide for the developing Eleven Pillars setting, and this week I will give you a look at […]

Eleven Pillars: Player’s Map and More Pillar Details (Part V)

Friday, 26 July, 2013

This is the fifth post in my setting-creation series, wherein I am creating a new setting before your very eyes. Here are the links to the previous posts; Part I: 20 Questions about the Eleven Pillars, Part II: Eleven Pillars Map and Notes, Part III: The Fraywood and its Dominant Creature, and Part IV: Cinereal Marsh and the Bog […]