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Updated July 20 2015 – Check out the new site for finding local gamers!

(I also culled some dead links – if you find more, let me know!)

This list grew out of a post written by DMSamuel back in september of 2011. If you have anything you would like added to this master list of Online RPG tools, send him an email at DMSamuel AT IronNeuronEnterprises DOT com.

Google Plus Hangout Group for RPGs:  G+ group

Help Finding Local Gamers: FIND GAMERS

Virtual Tables:

  1. Maptool – Free, Open source, Customizable, Can create frameworks for different game systems and campaigns
  2. ScreenMonkey Lite – Free, Integrates with RPGlife.com
  3. Fantasy Grounds – Free demo, Full License with fee, Can purchase campaign packs for specific adventure modules
  4. BattleGroundsGames – Free Demo, Full License with fee, Can purchase map packs for use in RPG adventures
  5. iTabletop – Free, Data in cloud (non peer to peer hosting)
  6. Klooge Werks – Free demo, Full license for fee, Java based
  7. d20Pro – Free demo, Full license for fee, Java based, Customizable
  8. OpenRPG – Free, Customizable
  9. Infrno – Free beta test version, Allows video conferencing and customizable play packages
  10. Roll20
  11. Qex VTT – New, Free, Windows only; Qex generates terrains, dungeons and maps on the fly. It also generates monsters, characters, and treasure, all using a 3D graphical interface.



Dice Gadgets (free):

  1. Online Customizable Dice Roller
  2. Wizards of the Coast Dice Roller
  3. Rolz Online Diceroller
  4. Dice Roller MiniApp
  5. Catch Your Hare
  6. Any Dice
  7. Invisible Castle


VOIP (voice chat programs):

  1. Skype
  2. Ventrillo
  3. Teamspeak
  4. Loudtalks


Free Map Creation help:

  1. Hexographer
  2. Random Dungeon Map Creator
  3. Dungeonographer
  4. Random Dungeon Creator (different from the above link)
  5. Random City Map Generator
  6. Random Inn Floor-plan Generator
  7. Ye Olde Map Maker
  8. Autorealm Mapper Program
  9. Posterazor Map Tool
  10. Dave’s Mapper
  11. Pyromancers (Dungeon Painter)


Map Repositories:

  1. RPG Mapshare
  2. Dungeoneering map share
  3. Fantastic Maps
  4. Dundjinni Map repository
  5. Dungeons Unlimited


Campaign Management tools:

  1. Realmworks – brought to you by the same company that makes HeroLab, this campaign management tool is meant to streamline your game
  2. Obsidian Portal
  3. Epic words
  4. RPG Manager
  5. WebCampaignManager.net
  6. 4e D&D Masterplan
  7. Scabard – new addition! GM’s can enter characters, groups, events, items, and places in their campaigns and link to them with relationships like “Father of”, “Subregion of”, “Enemy of”, etc.


Text Play by Post sites:

  1. Rpol
  2. RPGGeek
  3. Roleplayer Guild
  4. Myth-Weavers
  5. EN World


Miscellaneous Tools:

  1. 4e D&D Random Treasure Generator
  2. Gamma World (D&D) Character Generator
  3. HeroLab Character Generator
  4. PathGuy’s Star Wars Saga PC Generator
  5. Pathguy’s 4e D&D PC Generator
  6. 4e D&D Cardmaking tools
  7. 4e D&D Power2ool
  8. Full Suite Fantasy RPG Generator Tools (free)
  9. Ski’s 4th Edition Character Generator Or this alternate link: 4e CharSheetGen
  10. Mad Irishman (Character Sheets for many different games, custom and original)
  11. Daniel’s Token Collection 1 (large file)
  12. Daniel’s Token Collection 2 (large file)
  13. Dingle’s Games D&D 3.5 NPC Generator
  14. Dingle’s Games Pathfinder NPC Generator
  15. Propnomicon How-To videos for making terrain and props
  16. RPG Attitude D&D 3.5 NPC Generator

Defunct Links (preserved here for posterity):

  1. GameTable  
  2. Wizards of the Coast D&D Virtual Table 
  3. Dice Roller for Google Wave
  4. Grumble Mapper
  5. Gridmapper (Gridmapper tutorial)
  6. BatttleMapr
  7. Cartographer’s Guild
  8. Wizards of the Coast’s Map-A-Week Archive
  9. Phastinus
  10. RPGFO
  11. d6d20
  12. 4e D&D Encounter Planner
  13. Dungeon Master’s BattleScreen
  14. Custom Calendar Generator
  15. RealNPC fantasy NPC Generator
  16. Online Pathfinder Character Generator
  17. Gamma World (D&D) level 1 PC Generator
  18. WotC’s Character Name Generator