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Simple Fill-in pdf DnDNext Character Sheet

I have to say that, while I like the specially designed character sheet that was distributed with the most recent DnDNext playtest packet (August 2013), it isn’t very utilitarian. That is… I am finding it hard to use to good effect. So, I made my own. I made a simple one. It is a form-fillable pdf and I am providing it for your use. So, while we are all waiting for the final DnDNext playtest packet, have yourself an easy to use DnDNext character sheet!


Here’s a small reproduction (image) of all 3 pages, click the link above to get the form-fillable pdf:
5e sheets 1 to 3

Hopefully you can use this and it is helpful to you!

Until next time, I wish you good gaming!

~DM Samuel


DM Samuel is the Editor-in-Chief here at RPG Musings as well as the podcast editor for The Tome Show. He is also a host of the gaming podcast Play on Target. He plays all manner of role-playing games and boardgames and continues to learn new games all the time (and new things about old games, too). Sam lives in Upstate New York with his wife and their game collection. You can follow him on twitter @DMSamuel.

4 Responses to “Simple Fill-in pdf DnDNext Character Sheet”

  • Thanks Kenneth! I will add it to the list!

  • Thanks, this looks great! Playing my first Next game today and wanted something I could use on my tablet.

  • Excellent – I hope it helps! Note that it is from an old packet, so may have somethings that don’t match up extremely well, but it is still usable.