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Mini-Review: Take On Magic Items

Take On Magic Items is a  collection of things for Dungeon World created by Jeremy Friesen of takeonrules.com. It’s $2.50 for a 10 page PDF, though 4 pages are things like the title page and reference URLs for the images used. So ultimately it’s a 6 page PDF with 24 unique items. So, is it worth your 10 cents per item to buy? They very short version is that, yes I think it’s worth a couple of bucks.  There’s a wide variety of items to be had, not just weapons and armor but also rings, masks, and other utility items. All of the items have a couple of paragraphs devoted to what they look like as well as what they do. The descriptions are evocative despite the limited space and give you a really good mental picture to work with.  There’s nothing that feels unbalanced or out of whack if you were to bring it into your game.

I do think that some of the items are more useful than others, especially from a players point of view. The Bearded Shield, Bladed Gloves, and Bell of Freedom will likely see happy use in any games that they show up. Things like the Chains of the Drowned or Tattered Dice Pouch will take a bit more effort to work into a session or campaign. Whether they’re immediately useful or not, they’re all a creative (and occasionally downright odd) approach to magic items. None of them appear to me to be a D&D item with the numbers filed off or obviously inspired by something in another game. That being said, although these are designed for use with Dungeon World I don’t see why they couldn’t be adapted to other game like D&D or Pathfinder. Some of them might require more mechanical development than others, but I think it’d be worth it to have something that could surprise or entertain players who have gotten complacent with what sort of magic items are in those other games.

I suspect that some people might object to paying $2.50 for what amounts to 6 usable pages, but I don’t think it’s that big a deal. Skip going to Starbucks or going to McDonalds just once and it’s paid for. Hell, go dig the change out of your couch and you’ve probably got enough. Either way, I think it’s worth picking up and you can do so on RPG Now here.


WolfSamurai (a.k.a. Aaron) has been a long time roleplaying geek, starting back with 2e Shadowrun almost 18 years ago. Through the years he’s played everything from D&D to Call of Cthulhu to Werewolf to Kult to Big Eyes, Small Mouth, and many other games. Recently he's branched into more indie fare with Technoir, Bulldogs!, Wu Xing, Dungeon World, and Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple. Aaron hopes to eventually be writing his own game products as well as fiction.

2 Responses to “Mini-Review: Take On Magic Items”

  • Thank you for your review, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  • It’s worth keeping in mind that Dungeon World tends to have less filler than most RPGs—so that 6 pages is full of gaming goodness, not arithmetic!