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Across a Table Madly – Episode 0: An Introduction

As many of you know, I love podcasts. I like listening to them and I love recording them, editing them, and posting them online for people to hear and enjoy. Today I am proud to announce to you the addition of a new podcast to the RPG Musings family:


a new tabletop role-playing focused podcast

This podcast features hosts Kato (@KatoKatonian), Aaron (@WolfSamurai), Brittani (@DnDPrincessAria), and myself (@DMSamuel). It will cover many topics related to tabletop gaming, including episodes focused on specific games, player advice, GM advice, news, new games, old games, different genres, a mix of those types of topics, and more. We aim to cover any topics that are RPG related and we may even branch out into boardgames at some point. Right now we have two recordings for you – nut I will post them in two different posts so that the podcast feeders will pick up both files. The first episode (we call episode 0) is a short introduction to each of your hosts and what we want to do with the podcast. We are also releasing the first full episode, entitled “What’s so great about Eclipse Phase?”

We will host this podcast on RPG Musings and will post anew every time an episode is released (every two weeks). It will also have an archive page all to itself, a twitter feed, and a dedicated email address (I’ll post here as soon as those are verified!).

Please leave us feedback and comments – including gripes and/or topic ideas – we would love to hear what you think of our new endeavor.

So, without further ado, I am proud to present to you Across a Table Madly:

Episode 0 – An introduction to your hosts and the podcast


Click here to download Episode 0

The iTunes feed is set up, but you need to search for RPG-Musings in order to find us.


DM Samuel is the Editor-in-Chief here at RPG Musings as well as the podcast editor for The Tome Show. He is also a host of the gaming podcast Play on Target. He plays all manner of role-playing games and boardgames and continues to learn new games all the time (and new things about old games, too). Sam lives in Upstate New York with his wife and their game collection. You can follow him on twitter @DMSamuel.

8 Responses to “Across a Table Madly – Episode 0: An Introduction”

  • Make sure to let us know when it hits iTunes.

  • It should hopefully be there pretty soon. There have been some issues keeping us from getting it set up there.

  • It’s been submitted and is in their hands right now. Hopefully that will not take longer than a couple of hours.

  • I figured this would be a place to pimp out my Excel Character Generator project.

    Click on the web page link for the main download resource for the generator.

    This should lead to character generation taking 30-45 min as compared to the 2-3 hours that doing it on paper takes.



  • William, there is not a link in your comment – do you have a link for us? As is, I have no way of finding your character generator.

  • Sorta missing the DMRT and glad to see some of you got back into the podcasting bit. Looking forward to hearing more.

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