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To Rest Or Not To Rest?

Sunday, 7 September, 2014

Right now my players are in a conundrum. They can’t decide whether to take a long rest, a short rest, or no rest at all. Here is the Situation The party is on a mission to kill the leader of a local goblin tribe which has been causing problems for the local village. The goblin […]

On Fudging Die Rolls and Meaningful Choices

Sunday, 13 July, 2014

Just a quick few words on fudging dice and stats in RPGs. This topic will probably come up more and more with the release of 5e D&D because the system is pretty loose and we won’t see a Monster Manual or DMG for a few months… A PC died in my 2e D&D session a […]

Initial Thoughts on the D&D 5e Basic PDF

Monday, 7 July, 2014

I have been running the D&D 5e playtest for about a year and a half. I have lots of thoughts, but I am keeping them mostly to the contents of the just released basic pdf (noted on the cover as version 0.1). Sorry for the wall of text, but the product has no art, so […]

Magic Items with Character

Saturday, 28 June, 2014

I’ve been doing a lot of prep for my D&D games lately and I have also been spending a bit of time over on the Troll Lord Games forums, talking about Castles & Crusades. One of the conversations revolved around magic items, so I have been thinking about magic items a great deal for the […]

The Allure of the Mega-Dungeon

Sunday, 8 June, 2014

I recently finished reading the latest D&D adventure, Dead in Thay, so that I could do a review of it on the Tome Show Podcast (look for the review to be posted there in the next couple of weeks) and it triggered in me a desire to, once again, re-visit the “zone” theory of dungeon […]

D30 DM Companion: Old School Tables Galore!

Monday, 24 March, 2014

I often run my games with very little preparation beforehand, using tools and techniques that allow me to run the game on-the-fly and keep the session smooth. In order to have a game session that flows well, one of the tools I use is the D30 DM Companion. It has been extremely useful to me […]

Eleven Pillars Setting Guide

Sunday, 2 February, 2014

I have been slowing expanding the setting information for The Eleven Pillars as my two RPG groups play through certain areas. One group is playing Basic D&D and have their campaign centered around the Viridian Pillar. The other group is playing D&D Next (the July 2013 packet) and has their campaign centered around the Cinereal […]