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D30 DM Companion: Old School Tables Galore!

Monday, 24 March, 2014

I often run my games with very little preparation beforehand, using tools and techniques that allow me to run the game on-the-fly and keep the session smooth. In order to have a game session that flows well, one of the tools I use is the D30 DM Companion. It has been extremely useful to me […]

Eleven Pillars Setting Guide

Sunday, 2 February, 2014

I have been slowing expanding the setting information for The Eleven Pillars as my two RPG groups play through certain areas. One group is playing Basic D&D and have their campaign centered around the Viridian Pillar. The other group is playing D&D Next (the July 2013 packet) and has their campaign centered around the Cinereal […]

Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle: precursor to next starter adventure?

Thursday, 23 January, 2014

WHAT IS IT? Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle is a 281 page preview of the next edition of Dungeons & Dragons that includes four linked adventures and a work-in-progress version of the rules. It is meant to present the game as it was in the later stages of development – that is, it is the state […]

The Teratic Tome: Depraved, Grotesque, Brilliant

Sunday, 12 January, 2014

WHAT IS IT? The Teratic Tome is a 118 page hardcover book written by Rafael Chandler and published in early 2013 by Neoplastic Press. My copy is from LULU and has a full color cover (hardback) and black and white interior. It is also available in pdf from Drive Thru RPG and is currently a PWYW (pay […]

Simple Fill-in pdf DnDNext Character Sheet

Tuesday, 10 September, 2013

I have to say that, while I like the specially designed character sheet that was distributed with the most recent DnDNext playtest packet (August 2013), it isn’t very utilitarian. That is… I am finding it hard to use to good effect. So, I made my own. I made a simple one. It is a form-fillable […]

The Journal of Belsige

Thursday, 22 August, 2013

In the July 2013 issue of Footprints, the free e-zine published by Dragonsfoot.org, Andrew Hamilton wrote a nice article describing the idea of a ranger’s journal with various types of information about a particular area (name of article: Field Notes from Davendowns). He gives a nice overview of what sort of information could be found […]

Deities of the New Religion (World Building the Eleven Pillars part VI)

Tuesday, 20 August, 2013

After my last, slightly controversial, post it’s time to get back to a fun post! My Basic D&D campaign is starting on August 31st and I am still deep in preparation for that game. I’m working on my guide for the developing Eleven Pillars setting, and this week I will give you a look at […]